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Cherry Street Cats is me (Robin), my husband Steve, Sandi, Michelle, Verena, Vinyse, Derek, Kent, and Connie, a group of dedicated cat lovers who care for a colony of feral cats in the east end of Toronto. I also have a great rescue team of Lesley, Joanne, and Susan. Together we do our best to make the lives better for feral and homeless cats and kittens. 900+ cats helped in nine years!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Kitten delivery!

This weekend seven of the grey kittens were ready to leave their moms and go to foster homes so I made a few deliveries.  There is just one little one left, and then the females to get spayed.  It's kind of like an intervention before the situation gets out of hand.

These kittens are healthy and social and will get adopted quickly I'm sure, and importantly, will be spayed and neutered before they go to homes.

There have been a lot of cat hoarding in the rescue news lately.  TCR and TAS took out a multitude of cats from a woman's apartment.  She had 54 in a bachelor!  None fixed of course.  I think the people mean well, they take in a few cats but can't afford to have them fixed, and boom, look what happens.

Back to trapping tonight, the weather is thankfully better than last week, so we will see how it goes.


  1. Can't afford to have them fixed ? Bunk ! It costs a LOT more to feed litter after litter of Kittens than to fix the original pair. When will people realize they can't afford NOT to have them fixed ?

    1. I know, it's maddening, as rescuers we have to go in and fix these people's messes and poor choices.

  2. If they just phone a couple of vets and get quotes for $250 to $400 to spay a female (including mandatory shots) then a low income person can't come up with that kind of cash, so they give up. It's easier to do nothing and figure they will just find homes for the kittens as unrealistic as that may be!

    Low cost spay neuter clinics are fairly recent and not everyone knows about them.

    This isn't to say people shouldn't be a lot more responsible about their pet ownership.