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Cherry Street Cats is me (Robin), my husband Steve, Sandi, Michelle, Verena, Vinyse, Derek, Kent, and Connie, a group of dedicated cat lovers who care for a colony of feral cats in the east end of Toronto. I also have a great rescue team of Lesley, Joanne, and Susan. Together we do our best to make the lives better for feral and homeless cats and kittens. 500+ cats helped in five years +!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My real job...

The last few weeks it has felt like I have two jobs and when I added up the hours I have spent on cat rescue it equals the amount of time I spend at my office.  One pays me money but isn't particularly satisfying, the other is rewarding, but costs money and time, and can be emotionally draining.  A little overwhelmed, I've done some outsourcing.  I met a wonderful woman at the THS clinic who lives in the west end, and god bless her, she went right out there this week and set out kitten traps and she and Maria caught two more.  I am so thankful for her help.  The cat rescue community is so amazing.

In my hood, I took this neighbourhood stray in to the vet to get neutered.  He is tame and needs a home.   A few people are feeding him but nobody yet is willing to take him in.  We just have too many and Charlie, our indoor/outdoor cat, is not a fan.
I also took Connie's fosters in to the vet for a deworming.  Are they not the cutest things you have ever seen?
So far 11 kittens have been rescued from Maria's colony, and newborn kittens were discovered this week, it's not even close to over, still four females to trap.  We took two more males in this week, one with a tooth that had to be pulled, and the poor cat with the wire around him was finally released after way too much time at the vet.
I almost forgot, I took a female cat in to be spayed, that a marginal guy owns, and Caitlin has the kittens.  That's all since last weekend.  If you work in cat rescue, warm weather does not signal patios and vacations, it means kittens, too many.  At least the 11 will be spared a hard life.  We will get all the females, it's just persistence and perseverance.

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