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Cherry Street Cats is me (Robin), my husband Steve, Sandi, Michelle, Verena, Vinyse, Derek, Kent, and Connie, a group of dedicated cat lovers who care for a colony of feral cats in the east end of Toronto. I also have a great rescue team of Lesley, Joanne, and Susan. Together we do our best to make the lives better for feral and homeless cats and kittens. 900+ cats helped in nine years!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More cute kittens!

Joanne's husband took these photos of Nellie and Stella.  They were rescued last week.  We first thought they were too old to be socialized so had them spayed, planning to return them, but within a few days they started to purr for Joanne and we realized they could be saved.
So they are being fostered and will go to the THS to be put up for adoption unless we can find someone to take them but all of us cat people have exhausted all our contacts.
The Cherry Street kittens are being moved tomorrow to a foster home with tons of socializing experience, they are pretty wild little things but amazing that if you get them young enough they become wonderful domesticated cats.

Lesley and I spent last evening sitting in Maria's laneway, desperately trying to trap one of the calicos, wishing we were on a patio drinking beer like everyone else, especially when we didn't catch anyone. Actually, that's not 100% accurate, we did trap a cat, one who had already been trapped, when another of the playful cats was playing with the string and tripped the trap.  Not very helpful.

I think everyone in cat rescue has a love hate relationship with this time of the year.  Sure, the weather is beautiful, but it brings kittens upon kittens, and never enough homes (and not enough time for drinking cold beer).

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